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What do the Indian Youths need?

Youths are the driver of a country’s development & growth.

But, how?

How they can contribute? How they can help the country’s development if they can’t help themselves?

Yes, that’s the reality. We are not useful at all if not guided properly.

But, Who will help us out?

Who will guide us to be the best version of ourselves? In this century we can’t wait for an avatar to rescue us all, shall we?

The truth is no one can. No one can tell us what to do. But, we all try to find that"No-one".

We all expect someone to tell us about our call to action, our to-dos.

Our schools never give us the opportunity to explore ourselves or teach us how to find our purpose. While growing up we often hear that there is no job. This insane job hunt is for the winners. Alas! We can’t help but think we may become one, one day. If not, we blame ourselves for not winning the lottery that was unknown and out of our hands. Thus, we tag ourselves as failures and live a disgusted and dishonored life. Blaming everyone along with ourselves to make some meaning of this miserable life, we continue lying. For so long, those lies become our very truth.

Does it change anything? Any struggle, any loss, any sadness, any misery?

No, it doesn’t. We often create our own prison and live in that while the wise one enjoys fortune. A fortune that he created by breaking all these loops, all these delusions, all these fear fed to us by society, by the system. We can’t change the outside world but we can change ourselves from within.

How do we do that?

It sounded like a spiritual pep talk, isn't it?

No, I am not writing these words to give some pep talk or present you with another delusion that may increase your endurance.

What’s within us? Some kind of spirit that can unleash holy power to conquer this world?

No, my friend. There is no such thing. All we have inside us is our consciousness. And how that works?

That works with the very thing we call, “Our Point-of-view” or “Our Perspective”. Which is different, the only different thing exists in this world.

This is a very popular example, we all came across this often. We can see this glass as 1/2 empty or full or some water someone left after drinking a portion. This can also be an instrument with a fixed pitch or some cough syrup or cocktail, poison perhaps.

So, based on your experiences and expectations, you interpret a situation or event. Just like this one. Context is very important, it is the basis of everything, all of your perceptions and biases.

Positive Rewiring is the only thing that can change your point of view. That can enable you to interpret every input in a way that you will be the one who will benefit from it at the end of the day sometimes with other people. That’s the whole spectrum of constructing your destiny, changing your journey, and building the life you always meant to.

So, why not start today, start now? What are you waiting for?

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