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Passionate About Teaching

Hey, Are you having trouble with your studies?

Don't Know how you will complete your syllabus?

Clueless about completing your assignments?

Trying hard to crack NTA-CUET, UGC-NET, DU, JMI entrance exams?

LLB, CLAT, Jadavpur University entrances bothering you?


I know how you feel. I have walked through a similar experience.

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My name is Satyaki Mukherjee. I have been teaching students for five years now. I have created this platform to help students like you. My academic voyage was full of hurdles and challenges. But, I kept fighting and will continue to fight. While struggling with all sorts of problems, I found some excellent mentors. They taught me how to move forward and overcome all the hardships with flying colors. Here I am trying to do the same for those in need.

ZIQR is an Online Educational Platform that is an inclusive place for every student. We try our best to provide all the help available. Our faculties are highly-qualified and successful in their respective fields. Not only that, they are excellent tutors as well. No matter what the mode of the classes is, you will get equal benefits likewise. We look forward to bridging the gap between Rural and Urban education while maintaining international standards. We have helped more than 100 students so far with our courses. We try our best to keep our promises while being true to the people who have put their trust in us is our priority. With respect and morality, we look forward to building this platform efficiently. 


  • PFA Counselor, John Hopkins University, USA.


  • I graduated from the Dept. of Comparative Literature, Jadavpur University in 2021.

  • I have also studied Neurolinguistics at St. Petersburg State University, Russia.

  • Data Analytics, Statistics, Macroeconomics, Finance, and Programming are some of my notable areas of interest.

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